Message from Yasuhiro

“Deliver the best contents with optimal contexts to users”
With this belief, I founded Polaris-x on October 2014.

Message from Yasuhiro

The main character of “Middle-age-knight YASUHIRO”, the game we published in Japan on iOS/Android on November 2015, is me.
I named the character after my own name.

The game has been loved by users as a remarkable idle RPG with unique middle-aged man as the main character.
“Middle-age-knight YASUHIRO” is originally developed by a Korean game developer and we localized the game for the Japanese market. By localizing the details of character backgrounds, naming of items, the character dialogues, adjustments of parameters, and writing story comics from scratch, every user are surprised that the game is originally developed in Korea.
It is an honor that the game was featured on App Store from the very next day the game launched and was able to prove that the game could be accepted in both Korea and Japan.

Polaris-x is accelerating its business to not only on smartphone platform, but also on console platform and to the global market.
One of the examples is “Sally’s Law”.
“Sally’s Law”, which launched on iOS/Android on December 2016, has launched on Nintendo Switch globally on April 2018.
We value the direct feedbacks we received from global users by exhibiting the game in Tokyo Game Show, Game Developers Conference, and Taipei Game Show.
Sally’s Law has high rating among gaming media and is awarded as “Gold” hall of fame on leading gaming media Famitsu.

Polaris-x will keep delivering the best contents with optimal contents to users and accelerate its business across borders and platforms.





また、ポラリスエックスはスマホプラットフォームのみならず、コンソールプラットフォーム、またグローバル市場といったマーケットの「拡大」を促進しております。その一例が「サリーの法則」です。2016年12月にiOS/android向けに配信開始しました「サリーの法則」は、2018年4月にNintendo Switch向けにグローバルに配信を開始いたしました。メディアさまでの評価も高く、週刊ファミ通2018年5/10-17合併号では「ゴールド殿堂」入りを果たしました。日本語、英語以外にも、スペイン語、フランス語、中国語(繁体字・簡体字)、韓国語、関西弁といったマルチ言語対応を行うことで、広く世界中のユーザーのみなさまに遊んで頂いております。